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Atlanta Falcons Tout Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s Environmental Features

With a design that includes innovative features like a circular retractable roof and a halo video board that will be the largest in the NFL when it is completed, it’s no wonder that the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta is being hailed as one of the most technically advanced sports venues ever built. However, as recently revealed by the Atlanta Falcons, some of the new stadium’s most exciting features are related to environmental considerations. Mercedes-Benz Stadium general manager Scott Jenkins recently highlighted some of the new venue’s most innovative sustainability features in a post on the official stadium website. As noted by Jenkins, Mercedes-Benz Stadium will include new LED lighting that lasts longer and consumes less power than the current generation of metal halides, and will also provide “a better quality of light which will add to the fan experience.” Fans will also appreciate being able to charge their electric vehicles while they watch the Falcons play, thanks to multiple solar panel-enabled charging stations that will be located in the garage adjacent to the stadium.

Sustainable water usage will also be a key aspect of Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s environmentally-friendly design. A rainwater reclamation system will provide irrigation for the playing field and water for the stadium’s cooling towers. Finally, not only will fans have the option to buy farm-to-table and organic offerings throughout Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the venue will also be surrounded by edible gardens. As noted by Jenkins, the facility’s green features not only make sense from an environmental standpoint, they also make sense from a financial perspective. “Our greening/efficiency steps will save 34% in energy usage versus a typical stadium design, and that translates to about $900,000 in annual savings,” said Jenkins, according to the official Mercedes-Benz Stadium website. PSL Source will soon begin offering discount Atlanta Falcons PSLs for Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Benefits of Atlanta Falcons PSL ownership include the ability to transfer or resell PSLs and the right to purchase Falcons season tickets at face value. Please check back soon for more information on Atlanta Falcons PSLs, Mercedes-Benz Stadium seating charts, Falcons schedules, and Atlanta Falcons parking options. Mercedes-Benz Stadium is scheduled to be completed by early 2017.