Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens Improve Fan Experience at M&T Bank Stadium

The Baltimore Ravens have implemented several improvements at M&T Bank Stadium that will enhance fans’ game-day experience at the venue during the 2015 football season. The new improvements include a stadium-wide Wi-Fi system, a new state-of-the-art replay system known as freeD, and several enhanced safety measures. Besides adding almost 800 new Wi-Fi access points and antennas, the Ravens will also provide roaming “Wi-Fi coaches” who will be available to help fans get the most from M&T Bank Stadium’s wireless system. However, perhaps the most technologically advanced improvement that the Ravens have added to M&T Bank Stadium is the three-dimensional replay system known as freeD. By using dozens of special cameras installed around the playing field, the Ravens will be able to provide instant 360-degree replays of the football action for fans at M&T Bank Stadium. “There’s a ‘wow’ factor with this technology, and fans will be talking about it,” noted director of broadcasting and game-day productions Jay O’Brien via a Ravens’ press release. Make sure you are there to enjoy M&T Bank Stadium’s new Wi-Fi system and enhanced replay technology with a discount Baltimore Ravens PSL from PSL Source!

Finally, the Ravens have also boosted security at the stadium by adding metal detectors to almost all the stadium’s entry points, with plans to add the rest in 2016. Fifty-five new security cameras have also been installed at key points around the venue. “Our goal is to have quick, easy access for the fans coming to M&T Bank Stadium. These detectors will assist that process,” said senior vice president of stadium operations Roy Sommerhof. “Adding the cameras helps us ensure that all fans can have a great experience when they come to a Ravens’ game. Those fans acting irresponsibly will be identified, and security will handle.” Are you ready to enjoy a Baltimore Ravens game in person at the newly improved M&T Bank Stadium? Secure your Baltimore Ravens season ticket rights and Ravens parking pass today with a quality Ravens PSL!