Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Clinch NFC East Title

The Dallas Cowboys routed the Indianapolis Colts 42-7 at AT&T Stadium on Sunday for a win that secured the NFC East title for the home team. This will be the first year that the Cowboys have made a playoff appearance since 2009. Make sure you are there to see the Cowboys make their long-awaited return to the playoffs with a discount Dallas Cowboys PSL from PSL Source! With an 11-4 record, the Cowboys cannot be unseated from the top of the NFC East division, regardless of whether or not they win their final game of the regular season against Washington on Sunday, December 28. However, the outcome of the upcoming game will help determine where the Cowboys are seeded in the NFC. “A lot of different scenarios can come up in this situation,” said Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett in a press conference. “Our plan is to practice as well as we can practice and go play our best football game with the guys who are available to us and we’re excited about that opportunity. That’s what we do here and we focus on each day and we focus on being our best and that’s what we’re going to do this week.”

It remains to be seen if Garrett will opt to use QB Tony Romo in the upcoming game against Washington. Although Romo put on a stellar performance in the game against the Colts with 18 of 20 passes completed for 218 yards and four touchdowns, the quarterback has previously been plagued with recurring back problems that the Cowboys may not want to risk aggravating right before the postseason. “I don’t think you want to force a player into a situation where he’s not ready in a game that you think is important,” stated Garrett via the official Dallas Cowboys website. “And I think, conversely, you don’t want to do the other thing. Guys are ready to play, let’s go play.” Are you ready to go see the Cowboys play in person? Secure your Dallas Cowboys season ticket rights and Cowboys parking pass today with a quality Cowboys PSL! The Dallas Cowboys will play their last game of the regular season against division rival Washington on Sunday, December 28 at FedEx Field.