San Francisco 49ers

Levi’s Stadium Outfitted With New Turf Track Ahead of 49ers’ 2015 Season

Although it’s been nearly a year since Levi’s Stadium was officially opened as the new home of the San Francisco 49ers, improvements continue to be made to the facility’s turf. The latest improvement is the installation of a 23,000 square-foot artificial turf track around the grass playing field. According to a press release from the San Francisco 49ers, the artificial turf track was installed to “minimize the wear and tear of the most heavily trafficked areas of the field.” Besides preventing wear and tear on the outer ring of the field, the new artificial turf track will decrease water use by 20 percent, and reduce overall costs every time the field needs to be re-sodded. Levi’s Stadium already has an environmentally sustainable setup for maintaining its grass field through the use of a reclaimed water irrigation system. Additionally, unlike many other stadiums that feature similar artificial turf tracks, the track installed at Levi’s Stadium is a playable surface that appears identical to the natural grass playing surface. Find your perfect seat today at the newly improved Levi’s Stadium with a discount San Francisco 49ers SBL from the seat license experts at PSL Source!

Besides announcing the installation of the artificial turf track, the San Francisco 49ers also revealed their plans for maintaining the integrity of the natural grass playing field during the 2015 season. The grass playing field at Levi’s Stadium will be either completely, or partially, re-sodded at least six times over the next year. According to the San Francisco 49ers, most other NFL stadiums are only re-sodded three to four times every year. However, the San Francisco 49ers encountered stability issues with the turf at Levi’s Stadium soon after the team’s first preseason game last year. Since then, the 49ers have been working hard to make sure that the playing field remains in top condition throughout the season. Make sure that you are there in person to see the San Francisco 49ers play their second season at the newly improved Levi’s Stadium. Secure you San Francisco 49ers season ticket rights and 49ers parking pass today with a quality 49ers SBL!