Seattle Seahawks

Replacement Referee Crisis Escalates After Controversial End to Seahawks-Packers Game

The Seahawks beat the Packers 14-12 last night, but only after what is being characterized as one of the most bizzare and controversial endings to an NFL football game. With just seconds left and trailing Green Bay 7-12, Seattle rookie QB Russell Wilson threw a 24-yard Hail Mary pass that connected with the hands of WR Golden Tate in the endzone for a touchdown. Or did it? The video replay appeared to show Packers safety M.D.Jennings firmly in control of the ball while Tate only had one hand on it. After briefly wrestling with Jennings on the ground, Tate was awarded the touchdown to give Seattle their second win of the season. Ten minutes after leaving the field, the Packers returned for the cosmetic, yet mandatory extra point attempt. Adding insult to injury, the Seahawks made the extra point, winning the game with a final score of 14-12.

Presumably the referees who made the call viewed the catch as a simultaneous possession situation, in which case possession of the ball is automatically awarded to the offense. However, most commentators believe that Jennings had intercepted the ball and that the referees had unfortunately made a bad call. This controversial call is just another chapter in the continuing saga of bad officiating during the referee lockout, and can only give the striking officials more ammunition in their negotiations with NFL management.