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Sibling Rivalry: Harbaugh Brothers May Face Each Other in Super Bowl XLVII

John and Jim Harbaugh, the brothers who coach the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers respectively, may face each other in this year's Super Bowl if they can each pull a win out of this Sunday's championship games. If head coach John Harbaugh and the Ravens beat the Patriots, and Jim Harbaugh leads his 49ers to victory over the Falcons, they will be the first pair of head coaches who are brothers to ever take on each other in a Super Bowl. Besides both being related and head coaches of NFL teams, the Harbaugh brothers also share a knack for making bold and sometimes controversial coaching decisions that more than often pay off. Ready to watch your favorite team at the NFC or AFC Championship Game this year? Get close to the football action with a quality Baltimore Ravens ticket or San Francisco 49ers ticket from Maxim Tickets, the secure resale ticket marketplace.

After 49ers starting quarterback Alex Smith sustained a concussion in Week 10 of the season in a game against the St. Louis Rams, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh started Colin Kaepernick at quarterback. After Kaepernick led the 49ers to a 32-7 win over the Bears the following week, Harbaugh made the controversial decision to stick with Kaepernick as starting quarterback, despite Alex Smith's proven track record of success. Although the decision was widely criticized at the time, it has paid off with San Francisco's 25th playoff appearance. Although less publicized than the 49ers quarterback controversy, Ravens coach John Harbaugh's decision to fire his longtime offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and replace him with Jim Caldwell, was also a controversial decision that drew criticism from fans and the media. However, Baltimore's offense has steadily improved since the staffing change and it's success is one of the main reasons that the Ravens have reached the AFC Championship this year. Make sure you never miss a moment of live football action as your favorite team battles their way to the Super Bowl. Discover the benefits of PSL ownership with a Baltimore Ravens PSL or San Francisco 49ers SBL from PSL Source, your fan-to-fan NFL seat license marketplace.