Frequently Asked PSL Buyer Questions

Will I get Playoff Rights for my PSLs if the transfer is completed during the season?

For PSL sales completed prior to October 1st, playoff rights will be guaranteed to the PSL Buyer, unless noted otherwise.  For PSLs sales completed after October 1st, playoff rights may be available to the PSL Buyer, but are not guaranteed. 

Are parking rights included with PSLs?

Some of our PSL listing will have associated parking rights included. If the listing does not mention parking, then parking is not included.  PSL Source does usually have Parking Passes for sale separately, however, so visit our Buy NFL Parking page to view our current inventory.

What is your return policy?

All sales with PSL Source are FINAL.

Can I Buy PSLs year-round?

Yes, you can purchase PSLs year-round from PSL Source. 

How much are your buyer fees?

PSL Source offers $0 buyer fees