Pittsburgh Steelers SBL

A Pittsburgh Steelers SBL (Stadium Builders License) gives the SBL owner the right to purchase Pittsburgh Steelers season tickets every year for a specific seat at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Benefits of Owning a Steelers SBL:

  • Right to purchase season tickets in the same location every year for face value.

  • Right to purchase playoff tickets for your seat or seats for face value
  • Ability to pass down or sell the rights to your seats in the future.

Steps to Buy a Pittsburgh Steelers SBL:

  • Step 1: Register your account at PSL Source.

  • Step 2: Browse our list of available Pittsburgh Steelers SBLs to find your perfect seats.

  • Step 3: Negotiate a selling price with the PSL seller through our anonymous offer/counteroffer process.

  • Step 4: Remit payment to PSL Source for the negotiated sales price.

  • Step 5: Follow the instructions provided by PSL Source to complete the required PSL transfer documentation.

  • Step 6: Enjoy your new seats!

Steelers & Stadium FAQs

What is the Pittsburgh Steelers transfer fee and when can I transfer my SBLs?

The Steelers charge $250 per transfer and process transfers year-round.

How do I sell Pittsburgh Steelers SBLs?

List your SBL with us. To see what others are selling for, check out our available inventory of Pittsburgh Steelers SBLs.

How do I buy Pittsburgh Steelers SBLs?

We have a large inventory of Pittsburgh Steelers SBLs.  To find the SBLs that are right for you, view our Steelers listings

How do I buy Pittsburgh Steelers tickets?

To purchase Pittsburgh Steelers tickets, please visit our partner site, MaximTickets