Roaring Riot Insider: How Does Losing Effect PSL Sales?

As of October 21, 2016, the Carolina Panthers record is not looking great. Their 1-5 start is a stark contrast to last season's nearly undefeated record of 15-1. Fans are left scratching their heads asking, "What does this mean for Panthers PSLs?"


Let’s Look at Past Trends

2014: Following a successful 2013 season in which the Panthers went 12-4, early season losing translated into 1) A decrease in PSL costs in the lower level 2) Prices held constant in the upper level. HOWEVER, in 2014, late season success translated into overall increases in prices on all lower level PSL sales.

2015 - PSL prices stayed constant through the end of October, with significant increases in PSL costs as the team completed a historically good season.

2016 - Early season losing has once again translated into a decrease in PSL prices in the lower level, both in completed Sept/Oct. sales, and in asking prices on


Advice for RIGHT NOW

BUYERS: Even at it's peak following last season's success, the Panthers secondary PSL market was, and still remains, a buyer's market. On average, PSLs purchased via can be had for 30%-50% of the Team's pricing (view breakdown).

The Panthers' slow start has created additional opportunities for savvy buyers. If you are on a conservative budget or looking to stretch your dollar, then now is a great time to buy upper level PSLs; particularly in the upper corners which have fallen roughly 15%-30% from their peak trading values over the past 3-9 months. Lowers (100 & 200 Level) and Clubs (300 Level) also offer additional value to buyers as sales prices have fallen approximately 10%-15% off their peak.



SELLERS: The sky is not falling. Despite being a buyer's market compared to the Team's pricing, Panther PSLs on the secondary market are still up in value anywhere from 30%-90% from where they were at the beginning of the 2014 season. Effects from the early losses have had no effect on upper endzone and upper sideline prices. Even in areas that have seen a recent drop in value, those value reductions have been modest compared to the sharp increases in value from 2014 to 2016. Moreover, the next generation of PSL owners is still optimistic about the Team's chances of remaining playoff contenders, as well as their exciting future opponent schedules, for seasons to come. If you have not done so already, we STRONGLY encourage you to list your PSLs today!



Keeping Perspective

The Panthers PSL market is like any other marketplace... it changes! It has ups and downs, and if buyers and sellers pay attention, they can take advantage of those trends. is a resource for you to make informed decisions. For Sales Advice, Market Analysis or any other information, give us a call at 704-561-0885.

Let's not forget, on November 30, 2014 the Carolina Panthers had 3 wins and 8 losses. Only a few weeks after that, the Panthers made the playoffs and fans gathered in Bank of America stadium to watch them defeat the Arizona Cardinals. Think about that!


How do I buy Carolina Panthers PSLs?

Check out our current inventory on our Buy Carolina Panthers PSLs page today to find your perfect seats!

How do I buy Carolina Panthers single game tickets?

Single game Carolina Panthers tickets can be purchased through our ticket partner

How many seats are there in Bank of America Stadium?

The seating capacity of Bank of America Stadium for Carolina Panthers football games is 73,778.

Where can I find more information on parking at Bank of America Stadium?

For complete details on Carolina Panthers parking, please check out our Carolina Panthers Parking page on PSL Source.

How early do the Carolina Panthers gates at Bank of America Stadium open prior to kickoff?

The Carolina Panthers gates at Bank of America Stadium open 2 hours prior to kickoff. There are 3 main entrances to the stadium - the North Gate (Graham St), the East Gate (Mint St) and the South Gate (Morehead St).

Where can I find more information on handicap accessible seating for the Carolina Panthers?

The Carolina Panthers provide disabled or handicapped seating in a number of locations throughout Bank of America Stadium. More information on accessible seating can be found by clicking here.

Where is the Carolina Panthers Will Call Office at Bank of America Stadium and when does it open?

The Carolina Panthers will call is located at the Bank of America Stadium ticket office between the East gate and the South Gate. The will call office is open approximately 4 hours prior to kickoff on game days.

Does each seat in Bank of America Stadium have a separate PSL?

Yes, each seat at Bank of America Stadium has its own PSL.  One (1) seat = One (1) PSL, Four (4) seats = Four (4) PSLs.

Do the Panthers offer Bank of America Stadium tours?

The Carolina Panthers offer group and private tours of Bank of America Stadium throughout the year. Complete details on Bank of America Stadium tours can be found here.

My Carolina Panthers tickets were lost or damaged. How do I get replacement tickets?

Only PSL owners may request reprints of lost or damaged tickets through the Carolina Panthers ticket office. A replacement ticket request form must be submitted to the ticket office before reprints will be issued.

Does my young child need a ticket to enter Bank of America Stadium?

All children over the age of 12 months are required to have a game ticket to enter Bank of America Stadium. Any child under 12 months will be admitted without a ticket as long as they share a seat with an accompanying adult.

Where is the Carolina Panthers Ticket Office and what are their hours?

The Carolina Panthers ticket office is located outside of the stadium between the East gate and the South gate. The ticket office is open year round M-F from 8:30am-5:30pm. During the NFL season when the team has a home game, the Panthers box office is also open on Saturdays from 10am-1pm. You can contact the Panthers ticket office at (704) 358-7800.

Where is the Carolina Panthers team store and when are they open?

The Carolina Panthers team store is located outside the stadium between the North gate and the East Gate (corner of Mint St. and Graham St.). The Panthers team store is open M-F from 9am-4pm year round. You can contact the Panthers team store at (704) 358-7158.