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Carolina Panthers and Bank of America Stadium Resources

A Carolina Panthers PSL (Permanent Seat License or Personal Seat License) gives the PSL owner the right to purchase Carolina Panthers season tickets every year for a specific seat in Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC.

Benefits of Owning a Carolina Panthers PSL:

Steps to Buy a Carolina Panthers PSL

  1. Register your account at PSL Source.
  2. Browse our list of available Carolina Panthers PSLs to find your perfect seats.
  3. Negotiate a selling price with the PSL seller through our anonymous offer/counteroffer process.
  4. Remit payment to PSL Source for the negotiated sales price.
  5. Follow the instructions provided by PSL Source to complete the required PSL transfer documentation.
  6. Enjoy your new seats!

Carolina Panthers & Stadium FAQs

When are Carolina Panthers playoff tickets delivered?

The electronic Playoff tickets are issued by the team once the team is assured of a home playoff game, and the playoff ticket invoice has been paid in full.

How do I sell my Carolina Panther season tickets? buys Carolina Panther season tickets without the PSL rights in all areas of Bank of America Stadium. Check out our Sell Carolina Panthers Season Tickets page to receive an offer on your tickets.

How do I transfer company owned Panthers PSLs?

To transfer company owned Carolina Panthers PSLs, the Panthers require an officer of the company to sign the PSL transfer form. That officer must also furnish the Panthers with a simple letter, on company letterhead, authorizing the sale of the companies seats along with a clear copy of the officers photo ID.

How much are Carolina Panthers playoff tickets?

Carolina Panthers playoff ticket prices are set by the NFL and are not known until playoff invoices are sent out in November. On average, playoff tickets are 125%-175% of the regular season ticket price.

When can Carolina Panther PSLs be transferred?

The Carolina Panthers Transfer Period is from February 1st - May 31st and August 1st - October 31st.

How much is the Carolina Panthers PSL Transfer Fee?

The Carolina Panthers PSL transfer fee is $400 per transfer. Example: Four (4) seats transferring from one (1) seller to one (1) buyer is considered one (1) transfer and thus one (1) $400 fee. Four (4) seats transferring from one (1) seller to two (2) separate buyers will incur two (2) x $400 transfer fees. The Panthers PSL transfer fee is waived for transfers from a parent or grandparent to a child or grandchild.

When is payment due for my Carolina Panthers season tickets?

Panthers Season ticket invoices are sent out in late-February or early-March with payment due each year in mid-April. The Carolina Panthers currently offer a 6-month payment plan for season tickets spanning from March-August.

How do I buy Carolina Panthers season tickets?

For information on the purchase of Carolina Panthers season tickets without the purchase of PSLs, please check out our ticket partner

How Do I Buy a Carolina Panthers Parking Pass?

For complete details on Carolina Panthers parking, please check out our Carolina Panthers Parking page on PSL Source.