How to Sell PSLs

Sell Your Seat Licenses in 4 Steps

  1. Create an Account
  2. Create your PSL Source account today

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  3. Create a Listing
  4. Once you have an account, you can create a listing for your seat licenses. There is no fee to create a listing.

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  5. Negotiate the Price
  6. Once approved by PSL Source, your listing will be published and visible to all potential buyers. If a buyer is interested in your listing, they will submit an offer. You will receive an email notifying you of the offer and prompting you to log-in to your account and respond within 72 hours. You may accept, counter, or decline the offer. The offer will expire if no response is given in the allowed timeframe. If you counter, the buyer will have 72 hours to respond with the same 3 options. The negotiation will continue until an amount is agreed on by both parties or the negotiation concludes unsuccessfully.

    Every negotiation is unique, but most successful negotiations see a 5%-15% reduction from the original asking price.

  7. Complete the Transfer
  8. Once Buyer and Seller agree on price, PSL Source will step-in and get the sales under contract with all parties. The buyer’s funds will be then be secured by PSL Source. Once all agreements and funds are secured, the transfer process will begin as soon as possible per the team’s unique process. Once the transfer is completed, PSL Source will remit payment for the seat licenses to the Seller, less PSL Source’s commission of 10% of the final negotiated sales price (minimum $250).

    If any tickets and/or account credits are party to the seat license transfer, PSL Source will include those items on the sales agreements and transfer process. No commission is assessed on the cost reimbursement for season tickets, parking passes, or account credits that may be transacted in addition to the seat licenses.

Benefits for PSL Source Sellers

  • Liquidation Option - Skip the negotiation and sell your seats directly to PSL Source. Click here for further details about liquidation.
  • Extensive Marketing Efforts - Let us provide your seats MAXIMUM exposure to get your seat Licenses sold FAST.
  • No Listings Fees - Pay only when your seats sell
  • Top Customer Service - Market experts are available to assist with setting an asking price, understand standing the process, or discussing your options.