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Cincinnati Bengals and Paycor Stadium Resources

Paycor Stadium Information

Paycor Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio was opened in 2000 and serves as the home of the Cincinnati Bengals. Paycor Stadium is located on the banks of the Ohio River in Downtown Cincinnati. As a result of thoughtful architecture and design, the stadium offers wonderful views of both the river as well as the downtown skyline. Likewise, the stadium offers some of the best overall sightlines in the league given that almost 70% of the 65,000 plus seats in Paycor Stadium are situated along the sidelines. The Bengals team bench is located along the west side of the field while the visitors sideline is the east side of the field. Every seat in the Bengals stadium requires a COA (Charter Ownership Agreement) in order to purchase season tickets. The seat numbers in all sections of Paycor Stadium run right to left when facing the field of play - i.e. seat #1 is always the aisle seat on the far right side of the section.

Cincinnati Bengals at Paycor Stadium in Cincinnati OH

Levels of Paycor Stadium

Paycor Stadium is separated into 3 tiers – The Upper Level, the Lower Level, and the Club Level.

Upper Level

The Upper Level of Paycor Stadium includes all sections in the top tier or 300 sections. The per game ticket price in the Upper Level ranges from $60-$73 per ticket. Upper Level COA prices range from $300-$900* per seat. There are up to 35 rows in the Upper Level of Paycor Stadium running rows 1-35.

Lower Level

The Lower Level of Paycor Stadium encompasses the entire field level (100 sections). There are roughly 31-38 rows in all Lower Level sections of the Bengals stadium with the exception of the south endzone which has up to 65 rows. Ticket prices in the Lower Level range from $72-$80 with COA prices ranging from $300-$1,500*.

Club Level

The Club Level of Paycor Stadium consists of all 200 level sections along the sidelines. Bengals Club Level ticket prices range from $135-$270 per ticket with Club Level COA prices of $750* per seat. There are 20 rows in all Club Level sections of Paycor Stadium.

The 200 Level also included some non-club sections in the corners and in the north endzone with ticket prices of $60 or $80 and COA prices of $600 or $800*.

* - The COA prices noted reflect the Bengals current valuation of COAs.

Bengals Ticket Office Info

The Cincinnati Bengals ticket office is located on the SE corner of Paycor Stadium near Gate E. Their office hours are Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm. You can contact the ticket office at:

Paycor Stadium
One Paul Brown Stadium
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 621-TDTD or (866) 621-TDTD

Cincinnati Bengals FAQs

How do I buy Cincinnati Bengals tickets?

Please visit our ticket partner to purchase Cincinnati Bengals individual game(s) or season tickets.

How do I sell Cincinnati Bengal season tickets?

To sell Cincinnati Bengals season tickets, please check out our Cincinnati Bengals Season Tickets page.

How do I sell Cincinnati Bengals tickets?

To sell your individual game Cincinnati Bengals tickets, please check out our Sell Cincinnati Bengals Tickets page.

How do I transfer company owned Cincinnati Bengals COAs?

To transfer company owned Cincinnati Bengals COAs, an officer of the company must complete and sign the COA transfer form and must also furnish the Bengals with a company letter, signed by an officer of the company, authorizing the tranfer of the seats.

What documentation is required in order to transfer Cincinnati Bengals COAs?

In order to execute a COA transfer, the Cincinnati Bengals require both the Buyer and Seller to complete the Bengals official COA transfer form. The completed transfer form along with the COA transfer fee(s) must be submitted to the team for processing and final transfer approval.

When are Cincinnati Bengals playoff tickets delivered?

Cincinnati Bengals playoff ticket invoices will be issued in late November should the team have a chance to host a home playoff game. Playoff game electronic tickets will be issued to the COA owner once the team has been assured of a home playoff game, and the playoff ticket invoice has been paid.

When is payment due for my Cincinnati Bengals playoff tickets?

Bengals playoff invoices are sent out each year in November if the Bengals have a chance to host a home playoff game. Payment for Bengals playoff tickets is due in December.

How much are Cincinnati Bengals playoff tickets?

Bengals playoff ticket prices are set by the NFL and are determined every year.

When is payment due for my Cincinnati Bengals season tickets?

The Bengals send out season ticket invoices in February. A first installment payment is due in March with final payment due by the end of May.

When are Cincinnati Bengals season tickets delivered?

Cincinnati Bengals season ticket invoices are issued by the team in mid to late spring each year. Bengals season tickets are then issued by the team to the COA owner in early summer, once the season ticket invoice has been paid in full.

When can Cincinnati Bengals COAs be transferred?

Cincinnati Bengals COAs can be transferred year round.

Who pays the Cincinnati Bengals COA transfer fee?

Unless otherwise agreed to by the Seller, the Buyer shall be responsible for paying all applicable PSL Transfer Fees to the Team. We encourage the Buyer to account for this cost, partially or in full, in your bid.

How much is the Cincinnati Bengals COA transfer fee?

The Bengals charge a $50 per transaction COA transfer fee. Four (4) seats transferring from one (1) Seller to one (1) Buyer = one (1) transaction. Four (4) seats transferring from one (1) Seller to two (2) different Buyers = two (2) transactions and thus two (2) x $50 transfer fees.

How do I sell Cincinncati Bengals COAs?

List your PSL with us. To see what others are selling for, check out our available inventory of Cincinnati Bengals COAs.