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Tennessee Titans and Nissan Stadium Resources

Nissan Stadium Information

Nissan Stadium in downtown Nashville, Tennessee has been a fixture of the Music City skyline since in completion in 1999. Nissan Stadium plays host to the NFL's Tennessee Titans, the Tennessee State football program as well as numerous concert and sporting events throughout the year.

Located along the bank of the Cumberland River, Nissan Stadium and the Titans boast an impressive sell-out streak dating back to their inaugural season at the facility.

Nissan Stadium seats just under 70,000 with every seat in the stadium requiring a PSL in order to purchase season tickets. The Titans bench is located on the west side of the field and is considered the shady side. The visitors bench is on the east side of the field and gets much more sun on afternoon game days. The seat numbers in all sections of Nissan Stadium run right to left from the perspective of a seated fan facing the field of play.

Nissan Stadium

Levels and Zones

Nissan Stadium is divided into 4 Levels - the Upper Level, Loge Level, Club Level and Lower Level. There is no row i,o, or ii in any sections of Nissan Stadium.

Upper Level

The Upper Level of Nissan Stadium runs from corner to corner with an open endzone. The Titans Upper Level is separated into 3 zones (Upper Midfield, Upper Sideline and Upper Corner) with 2010 ticket prices ranging from $45-$59 and PSL prices from $300-$1,100* per seat. All Upper Level sections in Nissan Stadium have 28 rows running from row G-KK.

Loge Level

The Loge Level of Nissan Stadium consists of the first 6 rows of the Upper Level (rows A-F). The Loge level is divided into 3 zones (Loge 1, Loge 2 and Loge 3) with ticket prices range from $60-$74 and PSL prices from $1,000-$2,000* per seat.

Lower Level

The Lower Level of Nissan Stadium includes all of the 100 sections and is separated into 4 zones - Lower Midfield, Lower Sideline, Lower Corner and Lower Endzone. Ticket prices in the Lower Level range from $62-$85 with PSL prices ranging from $1,500-$6,000* per seat. There are up to 35 rows in the Lower Level of Nissan Stadium running rows A-LL.

Club Level

The Club Level of Nissan Stadium consists of all the 200 sections and is divided into 4 zones - Club 1 ($257 per game ticket price), Club 2 ($157 ticket price) Club 3 ($117 ticket price) and Club  4 ($92 ticket price). Titans Club seats are 2 inches wider that regular stadium seating. The Club Level also offer access to upgraded food and beverage options as well as access to the climate controlled Club lounges. There are 20 rows in the all Club Level sections running rows A-V.

* - The PSL prices noted reflect the current "face value" of PSLs as determined by the Tennessee Titans. The actual value of PSLs on the secondary market may be below or above these figures.

Tennessee Titans Ticket Office Info

The Titans Ticket Office at Nissan Stadium is open M-F 8:30am - 5:00pm. The ticket office is located on the stadium's outer concourse on the East side of Nissan Stadium. You can contact the Titans box office at:

Nissan Stadium/Ticket Office
One Titans Way
Nashville, TN 37213

Titans & Nissan FAQs Stadium and Parking

How do I buy Tennessee Titans PSLs?

Check out our Buy Tennessee Titans PSLs page to see our entire inventory of Tennessee Titans seat licenses.

How do I buy Tennessee Titans season tickets?

Check out our ticket to buy Tennesse Titans season tickets without the purchase of PSLs.

How do I buy Tennessee Titans single game tickets?

Single game Tennessee Titans Tickets can be purchased through our ticket partner

How many seats are there in Nissan Stadium?

The seating capacity of Nissan Stadium is 69,143.

Where can I find more information on parking at Nissan Stadium?

For information and details on Tennessee Titans parking at Nissan Stadium, please check out our Tennessee Titans Parking page at PSL Source.

Where is the Tennessee Titans Ticket Office and what are their hours?

The Titans Ticket Office at Nissan Stadium is located on the East side of the stadium and is open M-F 8:30am-5:00pm.

Where is the Tennessee Titans team store and when are they open?

The Titans Team Store is located on the East side of Nissan Stadium near Gate 1. The Titans Pro Shop is open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. You can reach the Titans team store by calling (615)565-4221.

Does each seat in Nissan Stadium have a separate PSL?

Yes, each seat in Nissan Stadium has its own seat license. One (1) seat = One (1) PSL; Four (4) seats = Four (4) PSLs