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No. The listings on our marketplace are for the PSLs only. Season tickets will be available for purchase, if applicable, at their invoice cost.

Log into your PSL Source account and click “Sell” at the top of the page Then select “Manage Listings” Then select “View Published Listings” Then on the right side next to the listing under Actions, Select “Edit Listing”

Reimbursement by a buyer to a seller for any game tickets made available on a listing is at the team's invoice price in addition to the final negotiated price for the PSLs. Invoice price is calculated as the total per-seat season ticket cost divided by the Team’s home games.

Our website does not currently allow you to place an offer for fewer than the full number of seats for a particular listing. The success rate of 'split' offers is extremely low. Most sellers wish to sell all of their seats, unless otherwise noted. As an alternative, we recommend you limit your offers to listings with the desired quantity of seats. Please use the available filters to refine your search to applicable listings.

If you have an offer on your listing, but the noted game ticket availability is inaccurate, please edit the listing to correct the inaccuracy.

Should any payments or account credits transfer to the new owner with the seats, we will coordinate reimbursement from the Buyer to you. This will be outlined in the "Account Credit Contingency" clause in your sales agreement.

A PSL , or Personal Seat License, is used mainly by NFL franchises (as well as other sports entities) to help fund new stadium construction. A PSL is similar to a one-time membership fee that allows the owner of the PSL the right to purchase season tickets for a specific seat within the stadium at face value, generally for as long as the team plays at the stadium. Failure of the PSL owner to purchase the season tickets, generally results in forfeiture of the PSL back to the team with no compensation. A PSL can range in price from a few hundred dollars per seat up to tens of thousands per seat, depending on the team and location within the stadium. A PSL can generally be resold on the secondary market once the owner no longer wishes to utilize the PSL benefits. In addition to season tickets rights, a PSL also provides the owner the right to purchase post-season tickets for their seat as well. Often times, PSL owners will also be offered the opportunity to purchase tickets for other events held at the stadium before the general public.

We currently accept Check, E-check/ACH, Bank Wire, Credit Card and Paypal. Payments submitted via Credit Card or Paypal will incur an additional 3.5% service fee.

Each listing will state what games are available for purchase for the current season at the average invoice cost per seat charged by the team. Please note, the cost of any current season's tickets are never included in the asking price of the PSL and will always be in addition to the final negotiated PSL sales price.

The buyer is responsible for paying the one-time transfer fee charged by the team, either per seat or per transfer as dictated by each team.

In the event that the seller is selling PSLs owned in multiple accounts with the team, resulting in additional transfer fees being charged by the team, then the seller would then be responsible for paying the additional transfer fees.

Should a buyer wish to split a group of seats into multiple accounts with the team, resulting in additional transfer fees being charged by the team, then the buyer would then be responsible for paying the additional transfer fees as well.