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How to Buy Seat Licenses in 4 Easy Steps

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  2. Create your PSL Source account today.

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  3. Shop Available Listings
  4. Once you have any account, you can begin engaging in negotiations with Sellers. You will want to familiarize yourself with the stadium and the listings. The configuration of each listing can vary based on seat location, amenities, team policies, and seasonal considerations.

    All listings on our site are individually owned, and each Seller’s motivations and expectations will vary. You will see a range of asking prices, even within the same section and row.

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  5. Negotiate the Price
  6. To begin a negotiation, simply submit an offer. The Seller will receive an email notifying them of the offer and prompting them to log-in to their account and respond within 72 hours. They may accept, counter, or decline your offer. The offer will expire if no response is given in the allowed timeframe. If the Seller counters, you will have 72 hours to respond with the same 3 options. The negotiation will continue until an amount is agreed on by both parties or the negotiation concludes unsuccessfully.

    The price being negotiated is for the seat licenses only. You will also be responsible for paying the transfer fee, which varies per team. Any season tickets made available by the Seller will be purchased at their invoice cost in addition to the listing’s negotiated sales price.

    Every negotiation is unique, but most successful negotiations see a 5%-15% reduction from the original asking price.

    The only attribute that can be negotiated is price. No additional communication with the Seller is possible. If you have any questions or special requests, you may contact PSL Source.

  7. Complete the Transfer
  8. Once Buyer and Seller agree on price, PSL Source will step-in and get the sales under contract with all parties. The Buyer’s funds will be then be secured by PSL Source. Once all agreements and funds are secured, the transfer process will begin as soon as possible per the team’s unique process. Only once the transfer is completed, the Seller is paid out their amount due for the seat licenses.

    PSL Source charges NO BUYER FEES for our services. Our 10% commission (minimum $250) is paid out of the seller’s payout amount.

    If any tickets and/or account credits are party to the seat license transfer, PSL Source will include those items on the sales agreements and transfer process. The Buyer will be responsible for remitting payment for the entire balance of any costs associated with season tickets, parking passes, and/or account credits that may be transacted in addition to the seat licenses at the same time as when making payment for the negotiated seat license amount.

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