US Bank Stadium

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US Bank Stadium Information

U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneanapolis, Minnesota was opened in 2016, and serves as the home of the Minnesota Vikings. U.S. Bank Stadium is nearly twice as large as it's predecessor, the Metrodome at approximately 1,750,000 square feet. Vikings fans enjoy many improvements such as a much larger video screen, wireless internet, escalators/elevators, and over twice as many restrooms as were in the Metrodome.

The stadium is separated into a 100 Level, 200 Level, 300 Level, multiple Club Levels, and Suite Level. The seat numbers at US Bank Stadium always run from left to right from the perspective of a seated fan looking at the field. Seating capacity for U.S. Bank Stadium is 66,000+, but expandable up to 72,000 seats.

Minnesota Vikings Parking at US Bank Stadium

Quick Specs

  • 66,000 Capacity
  • Seats ordered Right to Left
  • Open Air
  • Opened in 2016

US Bank Stadium Levels and Zones

100 Level Level
Endzone Zone Sideline Zone
200 Level Level
Endzone Zone Sideline Zone
300 Level Level
Corner Zone Midfield Zone Sideline Zone
Club Seating Level
100 Sideline Zone 200 Sideline Zone Club Purple Zone

Ticket Office

401 Chicago Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Team Website:
Ticket Manager: