Cincinnati Bengals
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A Cincinnati Bengals COA (Charter Ownership Agreement) works just like a PSL in that the owner of the COA is provided the exclusive right to buy Bengals season tickets every NFL season in the same seat or seats for face value. Every seat in Paul Brown Stadium requires the purchase of a COA in order to buy the season tickets for that seat.

Benefits of Owning a Bengals COA

How to Buy a Cincinnati Bengals COA

  1. Create an account with PSL Source.

  2. Browse our list of available Cincinnati Bengals COAs to find your perfect seats.

  3. Negotiate an agreed upon sales price with the COA seller through our anonymous offer/counter offer bidding process.

  4. Once an offer is accepted - agree to the terms of the COA and ticket sale.

  5. Submit payment to PSL Source for the negotiated COA sales price.

  6. Follow the instructions provided by PSL Source to complete and submit to the Bengals the necessary COA transfer documentation.

  7. Enjoy your new seats!

Cincinnati Bengals FAQs

How do I buy Cincinnati Bengals tickets?

Please visit our ticket partner to purchase Cincinnati Bengals tickets.

How do I sell Cincinnati Bengal season tickets?

To sell Cincinnati Bengals season tickets, please check out our Sell Cincinnati Bengals Season Tickets page.

How do I sell Cincinnati Bengals tickets?

To sell your individual game Cincinnati Bengals tickets, please check out our Sell Cincinnati Bengals NFL Tickets page.

How do I transfer company owned Cincinnati Bengals COAs?

To transfer company owned Cincinnati Bengals COAs, an officer of the company must complete and sign the COA transfer form and must also furnish the Bengals with some form of documentation showing the officers affiliation with the company.

What documentation is required in order to transfer Cincinnati Bengals COAs?

In order to execute a COA transfer, the Cincinnati Bengals require the completed COA transfer form signed and notarized by both buyer and seller as well as the COA transfer fee(s). The notary seal on both signatures must be the originals and cannot be photocopied or faxed.

When are Cincinnati Bengals playoff tickets delivered?

Cincinnati Bengals playoff tickets are shipped out at least 2 weeks prior to the first home playoff game.

When is payment due for my Cincinnati Bengals playoff tickets?

Bengals playoff invoices are sent out each year in November if the Bengals have a chance to host a home playoff game. Payment for Bengals playoff tickets is due in December.

How much are Cincinnati Bengals playoff tickets?

Bengals playoff ticket prices are set by the NFL and are determined every year in November. On average, playoff ticket prices are about 150% of the invoice cost of regular season game tickets.

When is payment due for my Cincinnati Bengals season tickets?

The Bengals send out season ticket invoices in February. A first installment payment is due in March with final payment due by the end of May.

When are Cincinnati Bengals season tickets delivered?

Cincinnati Bengals season tickets are delivered in July.

When can Cincinnati Bengals COAs be transferred?

The Cincinnati Bengals COA transfer period begins the day after the season ends and runs through the following April 1st. For transactions occurring outside of the transfer period, all parties will enter into a binding contract provided by PSL Source agreeing to complete the transfer once the next transfer period beings.

Who pays the Cincinnati Bengals COA transfer fee?

Unless otherwise agreed to by the Seller, the Buyer shall be responsible for paying all applicable PSL Transfer Fees to the Team. We encourage the Buyer to account for this cost, partially or in full, in your bid. The Team-Levied License Transfer Fees can be viewed here.

How much is the Cincinnati Bengals COA transfer fee?

The Bengals charge a $20 per transaction COA transfer fee. Four (4) seats transferring from one (1) Seller to one (1) Buyer = one (1) transaction. Four (4) seats transferring from one (1) Seller to two (2) different Buyers = two (2) transactions and thus two (2) x $20 transfer fees.

How do I sell CIncinncati Bengals COAs?

List your PSL with us. To see what others are selling for, check out our available inventory of Cincinnati Bengals COAs.