Cleveland Browns Stadium

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Cleveland Browns Stadium Information

Originally born in 1946, the Cleveland Browns were the Pride of the Cleveland, OH. They moved into the new home, Cleveland Browns Stadium, in 1999. Seating over 67,000 fans, Cleveland Browns Stadium is located on the shore of Lake Erie. As a result of thoughtful architecture and design, the stadium's east-west orientation offers a delightful view of both the river as well as the downtown skyline. The Browns team bench is located along the north side of the field while the visitors sideline is the south side of the field. Nearly every seat in the Browns stadium requires a PSL (Permanent Seat License) in order to purchase season tickets. The seat numbers in all sections of Cleveland Browns Stadium run left to right when facing the field of play - i.e. seat #1 is always the aisle seat on the far left side of the section. Cleveland Browns Stadium is separated into 4 tiers – The Upper Level, Mezzanine Level, the Lower Level, and the Club Level.

Quick Specs

  • 67,431 Capacity
  • Seats ordered Left to Right
  • Open Air
  • Opened in 1999

Cleveland Browns Stadium Levels and Zones

Club Level
Corner Zone Sideline Zone
Lower Level
Corner Zone Endzone Zone Midfield Zone
Sideline Zone
Mezzanine Level
Endzone Zone
Upper Level
Corner Zone Midfield Zone Sideline Zone

Ticket Office

100 Alfred Lerner Way
Cleveland, OH 44114
(440) 891-5050
Team Website:
Ticket Manager: