Coronavirus Updates
As we navigate these unprecedented times together, PSL Source is committed to providing its services with as few interruptions as possible. This global health crisis and its impact continues to evolve. Our policies and capabilities will also evolve to match the emerging needs of both our customers and our staff.

Below are some frequently asked questions as to how Coronavirus is impacting PSL Source and the NFL seat license market. Please check back periodically or call 800-252-8055 to speak with a representative to ensure you are kept as up-to-date as possible.

Is PSL Source open?

Yes! Our online marketplace is open 24/7. Listings are being negotiated. Sales are being contracted. Transfers are being processed. While services remain uninterrupted, our operations are not quite back to business-as-usual. Our staff is working from home, buyers and/or sellers may be slower than usual to respond, and the teams may change their operational schedules. We do ask for your patience as additional time may be required for order processing and customer service follow-up.

Can fans still buy and sell seat licenses?

Yes! We are actively contracting the sale of successfully negotiated listings. Teams with open transfer periods are still transferring seat licenses. If the transfer period is closed, we will contract the sale and execute the transfer once the transfer period re-opens, just as we did before the pandemic.

How has the value of seat licenses changed?

Our marketplace remains very active. Even in normal times, the value of seat licenses vary in range and seldom stay static. Buyers and sellers each have their own subjective motivations, whether that be personal circumstances, the players, the schedule, or other seasonal considerations. The best way to stay up-to-date on changes in the market is to regularly visit the Market Insight area of our website. We also encourage you to call 800-252-8055 during business hours to discuss market conditions with a PSL Source representative.

Will the buyer receive the 2020 season tickets if they buy the seat license?

If the seller has indicated the tickets are available, then the buyer will purchase them at invoice cost in addition to the negotiated sales price of the seat license listing.

What happens if a game is cancelled or fans are not allowed to attend?

If the game is cancelled and unable to be rescheduled, or if the game is played with limited or no fans in attendance thus voiding the associated tickets, then the account holder of record with the team will be refunded by the team for the cost of the affected tickets. Depending on where you are in your transfer process when the credit is issued, either the rightful recipient of the credit will be account holder of record with the team when the credit is issued or PSL Source will ensure reimbursement is made to the rightful recipient (as will be outlined in the sales agreements with buyer and seller). Either way, the rightful recipient of that credit will be made whole.

What happens if a game is postponed?

Any tickets exchanged in addition to the seat license transaction will remain valid for the rescheduled game.