Dallas Cowboys Financing

Dallas Cowboys Financing Overview

Dallas Cowboys Seat Licenses are unique in the fact that they were offered by the team to buyers with a long term financing option. Buyers were required to pay a minimum of 25% of the PSL purchase price down (10% for Club seats) with the remaining balance financed over 30 years at a 8% interest rate with annual payments due every March 1st. There are no prepayment penalties and interest is accrued on a daily basis. Most importantly for our purposes, the Cowboys allow this financing to be assumed by, or transferred to, the new owner of the PSLs should the original purchaser decide to sell the seat licenses. There are no applications or credit checks of any kind; the buyer simply takes over the seller’s position with the Cowboys – assuming both the credit the seller has already paid to the team including the down payment (the “equity”), as well as the remaining balance owed to the team over the term of the loan (the “debt”).

Please keep in mind that the asking prices noted on PSL source represent the total amount the buyer will pay to own the seats free of clear of any further debt with the Cowboys. For listings where it is noted that financing is available, the buyer will have the option to pay for the seats in full or assume the sellers financing arrangement with the team. The amount of the total sales price that can be financed is listed in the financing summary of each individual listing on PSL Source. Should the buyer assume the sellers financing, the buyer will only be required to pay only the difference between total sales price and the financing amount at the time of the sale.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the financed amount approximate?
Interest is accrued daily on the financed amount, meaning the exact amount the seller owes will be slightly different from when the Seller listed the seats on PSLsource.com. The exact up to date figure is obtained once an offer is accepted.

When and how will I be invoiced by the Team?
Financed PSLs are invoiced annually, with payments due March 1 of every year. The remaining balance, annual payments, and number of annual payments remaining are all provided on the listing details page. 

What happens if the financed amount is greater than the final negotiated sales price?

If the remaining balance financed with the team is greater than the final negotiated sales price of the PSLs, then the Seller  will be responsible for paying that difference to the team before the transfer is executed.