San Francisco 49ers Financing

San Francisco 49ers Financing Overview

The San Francisco 49ers offer prospective Seat License owners the opportunity to finance their purchase over the course of 10 years, if purchasing directly from the Team. Annual installment payments are due every March 1st and the interest rate is 8.5%.

This financing agreement is transferable to a new account holder should the original purchaser choose to sell their Seat Licenses before the seats are paid off in full. The new owner will simply take the old owners place in the financing arrangement, agreeing to make the annual payments each year as previously agreed by the old owner. All down payments and previous annual payments made by the Seller (the “equity”) are transferred to the Buyer, as is the outstanding balance owed to the team to pay the seats off in full (the “debt”).

The asking prices for all 49ers Seat Licenses listed on PSL Source represents the total amount the buyer will pay to own the seats free of clear of any further payments due to the team.

For example: A listing has an asking price of $15,000. The seats are financed with the team with a remaining balance owed to the team of $9,000. Assuming the buyer agrees to purchase the seats for the full asking price of $15,000, then the buyer can either pay the full $15,000 and owe nothing more to the team, or they can pay $6,000 and agree to assume the seller’s remaining $9,000 debt with the team. 

All listings with financing available are denoted by the "$" icon on the 49ers PSL inventory page. The amount of the total sales price that can be financed as well as the number of annual payments remaining are listed in the financing summary of each individual listing.