Single Game Ticket Cost

Buyers consider the cost of tickets when shopping for seat licenses. It is important that you provide an accurate ticket cost. Incorrect ticket cost amounts can jeopardize your seat license sale.

How to Calculate your Single-Game Ticket Cost:

Divide the invoice cost by the seat quantity and then again by the home game count.

Invoice Cost: Your season's total invoice cost for the number of seat licenses being listed for sale. Do not include taxes or handling fees. If you do not have your season ticket invoice, please reference the team's seating/price chart on their website.

Seat Quantity: The quantity of seats in your listing. This should be the same quantity as the number of seat licenses being listing for sale.

Home Game Count: The number of games played at the home stadium for the entire season, including the pre-season and regular season home games. For most teams, this is 10 games. If one of the games is being played overseas, then the home game count will be 9.

Can I just use the "face value" price printed on the ticket?

Unfortunately, no. This number may be subject to a 'variable pricing' structure, where the team lowers the price of some games and increases the price of others. This is why we ask that you average the total invoice cost with the above calculation.

What if I have Carolina Panthers club seats:

Be sure to include your amenities cost in your calculation. The invoice amount will include the amenities.

What if one of the home games is played in another country/stadium?

Do NOT include any games being played overseas or at an alternate venue in your Home Game Count.

Should I Include the Hall of Fame Game?

Do NOT include the Hall of Fame game in your Home Game Count.