Atlanta Falcons Electronic Ticket Transfer Instructions

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  1. Log-in to your Atlanta Falcons Account Manager.
  2. Click the TICKETS or EVENTS option in the top menu.
  3. Click the TRANSFER button.
  4. Select the events to be transferred. You may select all events, multiple events, or a single event. Be sure to select only the events that are being transacted. If you are transferring all games, please tick the top left box so all games will be included in a single transfer.
  5. Click the NEXT button near the top right portion of your screen.
  6. Click NEXT to confirm you wish to proceed.
  7. Select the seats to be transferred. If you have more seats on your account than are being transacted, please be sure to only select the applicable seats.
  8. Review your selection.
  9. Click NEXT to confirm your selection.
  10. Enter the recipient details as requested by us. Usually, first name will be PSL and the last name will be Source. The recipient email will be provided to you by your customer service agent. Please include your Transaction ID in the notes field.
  11. Click TRANSFER to initiate the transfer.
  12. Review the confirmation email from Ticketmaster to ensure all intended items were included in the transfer. Repeat these steps as needed for any outstanding seats, games, or accounts.

Please note, the transfer is not complete until PSL Source accepts the initiated transfer. Once accepted, Ticketmaster will send a 2nd email notifying you of the acceptance. A representative from PSL Source will also confirm that the e-ticket transfer has been successfully completed.

Please contact us if you encounter any problems while transferring.