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Obstructed View

One or more seats in this listing are considered by the team to have a limited or partially obstructed view of the field. Most obstructions are due to railings and/or foot-traffic obscuring a portion of the field of play.

2021 Tickets

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Ticket Cost: $80.00 (per seat, per game)

Availability:All Available

Unless otherwise noted, you may assume the 2021 tickets are available at the Team’s invoice cost. They will be paid for in addition to the listing’s negotiated sales price. Payment options for the tickets will vary depending on the options available from the Team’s ticket office at the time the seat license transfer is executed. Typically, either payment is required in-full prior to the transfer being executed or payment can made directly to the Team once the transfer is executed. Please contact us with any additional questions.

Transfer Fee

The team-levied transfer fee for this listing is $400 per transfer. The buyer is responsible for this amount in addition to the final negotiated sales price.

Seller Comments

These seats are officially designated as obstructed/limited view by the team due to pedestrian traffic, as people make their way up the aisle to your right to take their seats. Otherwise, the view from these seats is fantastic! It was never an issue for me.




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